• With present socio-political conditions, globally, safety for individual citizen has become of paramount consideration.
  • We face terrorism from not only large international organized groups or extremist modules but even embittered individuals.
  • With weapons and explosives easily obtainable, acts of violence against individuals, corporations or the state can and do occur at unexpected times and unexpected places in unexpected ways.
  • Walk Thru Metal Detectors along with X ray baggage scanner provide sufficient Security cover for civil counter measures.
  • Detec X-CHEKS range of X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems to complete the suit for high security public places where the hand scanning of personally carried bags is not possible.
  • X-CHEKS Baggage Scanners come with a dedicated imaging software provides a negative and positive colour and B/W image of the bag passing through its inspection tunnel. The colour is indicative of the density of material with deep red as maximum dense and blue as minimum dense material. This makes the operator to identify the hazardous material passing through.
  • X-CHEKS is a highly cost efficient range with real time image display of the contents in the personal baggage with date time tagging. Thousands of images can be stored in built-in memory and can be recalled later for review.

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