Detech was established in 1981 for sourcing advanced and cost effective range of Security and Safety Equipment.  As a pioneering unit in private sector our close association with Defense Forces, State Police, Paramilitary Forces, Industrial users and Law Enforcement Agencies lead to introduction of many new products and services for the first time in the country. One first major assignment was supply of Metal Detectors for IX Asian games at New Delhi in 1982.

A team of dedicated engineers is being guided by Dr. Arvind Bindal, the Managing Director an MSc, PhD from University of Delhi. He also worked as faculty at Indian Institute of Technology of New Delhi. With more than 10,000 sq feet of covered area housing show room offices and assembly shops in New Delhi, Security Equipment is made available with excellent service backup.

Detech has been importing hi-tech security equipment and have exported several times in the past.

Detech with national dealers distributor are ever expanding area of network with benchmark products separately asked by name and model.
We are sole agents in India for X-Ray Baggage scanners, of East image Electronics Co. Ltd, Shanghai a 3 billion US company manufacturing state of art baggage X-Ray scanners and detectors. We have been working in association with Defense Forces and Railway for several products and have been registered as standard source of supply with various associated factories and Laboratories. Our endeavor is to provide very useful and cost efficient machines for security to counter the increasing menace of terrorism and to further, the cause of discipline, Law order and peace. We work together with our user to provide them very user friendly equipment and on the feedback continually to upgrade our supplies with advanced and better usages to our user.

Repairs and Maintenance
Repairs / periodic maintenance of any make or model of Indian / imported Security equipment or component may be referred to.
Servicing / Calibration
Testing re-calibration of equipment to specific standards / designs can also be done to meet users’ special application / requirements.
Training / Technical consultancy
Training of personnel, Technical Information Operation of equipment, Dry and Test Runs, Emergency Drills arranged on demand with Professionals, Specialists, Manufacturers.
Custom Requirement
Any equipment not listed here of particular make model or specifications can also be made available on demand.

Detec Devices

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