Hand Held Metal Detectors

Detec provides wide range of Hand Held metal detectors with Proximity Ranges for your Specific Requirements


Walk Through Metal Detectors

Detec Provides range of Walk Through Metal Detectors for Varied Applications from Sophisticated to High density areas


Outdoor Security

In addition to comprehensive range of Metal Detectors we provide varied equipments for Outdoor Security for Industrial, Residential Installations.


X Ray Baggage Scan

Detec Provides range of X RAY BAGGAGE SCAN for Airports, Public Places, varied applications Read more...

Layout Variations

Standard Range


 Gatex D Delux - Weapon Check

Gatex E Econo - Low Cost

Standard Range

Advance Microprocessor International Range


Gatex T : TOTAL

Gatex V : VEGA

Gatex Z : ZONA

Standard Frisker - To IS:12126

 Matex ALPHA

 Matex BETA

 Matex - CADET

Investigation Intelligence

Matex O Orbit Hi Range (>1m)

Matex P PRODA Prodder Detector

Matex Q QUESTA Multi Frequency

Detec Devices

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